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Creating The Offshore Database


Analysis of the Existing Database

The first stage in the tax planning process is to analyse the different items of tax involved in the project and to compute as accurately as possible the likely total tax burden.

It is only by considering each of the tax elements both separately and as a whole that it is possible to formulate an efficient tax plan.

It may also be necessary to take into account the likely gross return of the project and the non-tax expenditure involved.

Caveat: Where there is relatively little money in issue, care should be taken not to incur expenditure in connection with the preparation and implementation of an offshore tax plan that is out of proportion to the possible savings.

Design of One or More Possible Tax Plans

The design of an international arrangement may involve one or more of the following:
  • the selection of the form of an international transaction, operation, or relationship;
  • the selection of a foreign investment country or new country of residence;
  • the introduction of one or more additional offshore jurisdictions; and joint ventures.
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